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Terms & Conditions Araber Reiterhof - Hippo Arabico 1. Conclusion of the contract With your application or booking you offer us bindingly the conclusion of the travel contract due to our contemplated specifications and prices on the internet and on our prospects. Your application can be done by e-mail, fax or with post. The travel contract is concluded with the receipt of our written travel confirmation. The customer is obligated in the context of his booking (travel application) to do complete and true data about all important and due to the realization of the riding holiday relevant circumstances. Wrong or incomplete data in requirement of assignment under numeral 4 of this conditions can induce the dismissal of the travel contract. 2. Payment and protection of the travel price After receipt the travel confirmation 25% of the travel price are due for partial payment. The rest of the price is due just before travel beginning or at the latest with travel entrance. If the partial payment or the rest of the price is not completely paid, we are legitimate to retirement of the contract without any further reminder and to compensation to the amount of retirement fees under numeral 4. 3. Efforts Which efforts are stipulated by contract results from our effort descriptions in our prospect or internet site and from herfor referring to our travel confirmation. Data contemplated in our prospects and on our website are bindingly, unless we have reserve our rights in our prospects or on our website to change the data including prices off factual legitimated, considerable and unexpected reasons. 4. Retirement of the customer, rebooking, substitute persons Customers can retire from travel anytime before travel beginning. We recommend to do the retirement in writing. In case of retirement we can demand following compensation of the hole travel price per person: till 30 days before travel beginning 25%, till 15 days before travel beginning 35%, till 7 days before travel beginning 50%, till 3 days before travel beginning 75% and on the day of travel beginning or in case of no entrance 90%. With calculation of compensation there are to consider usual saved expenditures and usual possible other uses of travel efforts. The proof of a little or no damage is reserved to the customer. Are there any rebooking of the customer before travel beginning, we can take rebooking fees of 25,00 per person or our actual developed more costs. Till travel beginning you can demand that another person can take your rights and responsibilities from your travel contract. Is there any other person advocate in your contract so you guarantee asjoint debtor. In case of premature departure the customer can demand 4,00€ per day for saved expenditures (meals). Further and higher repayment can only take place if further expenditures can be saved. 5. Retirement and dismissal from the travel organizer We can retire of our travel contract without observance of a time limit after ineffectiv warning of us or our key player, if the customer strongly disturbes the realization of the travel or if they handle in contrary to contract at such a rate that an immediate annulment is justified. In this cases we keep the requirement of the travel price. 6. Liability of the travel organizer Our liability for the stipulated travel efforts comply to legal regulations of travel contract law. 7. Details to contract duties If the travel is not done contractual the customer only has legal warranty claims of remedy, self remedy, reduction of travel price and dismissal of contract when a happened fault during travel which is not laches has been notified to us. The customer is legal obligated to do all reasonable steps to reduce eventual damages. The customer can discharge his travel with remedy or in case of strongly fault only if we had have a reasonable period to solve our fault. A period is not required if the remedy is impossible or has been refused or immediate remedy or dismissal is neccessary trough a special interest of the customer. 8. Unpredictable circumstances In case of unpredictable circumstances, for example illness of animals, we can retire from the contract with payback of the already paid sum. 9. Inefficacy and place of jurisdiction An inefficacy of single terms of the travel contract implicates not inefficacy of the hole travel contract. German right is stipulated and the responsibility is in 16775 Zehdenick. Travel organizer: German Riding GmbH Geschäftsführer: Edwin Becker Sitz der Gesellschaft: 16798 Fürstenberg/Havel Eingetragen: AG Neuruppin HRB 4007 Steuernummer: 053 109 030 010 UST IDN: DE 193463853 www.german-riding.de
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