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Contact German Riding GmbH Edwin Becker Ravensbrücker Dorfstraße 25a 16798 Fürstenberg/Havel GERMANY Mobil: +49 170 580 16 13 Telefon: +49 33093 61 75 80 E-Mail: info@wanderritt-brandenburg.de
Approach You reach us comfortably with car about the federal highway B96. In Fürstenberg/ Havel you drive in the direction of Lychen and Himmelpfort. Just before the exit of the town you find us on the right side. Also with train you reach us comfortably. From the port Fürstenberg/Havel it´s just ca. 15 minutes to go. Our ground is directly at the Hegenstein string, ca. 150m from the lake Schwedtsee and the marina Fürstenberg with haven and mobil car parking places. The riding place is ca. 600m away and between it there are many meadows. The port and the centre of the town with possibilities to buy are achievable in ca. 15 minutes by foot.
Experience the adventure and fascination of country riding with us!