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Our riding centre was found 30 years ago. Since then we offer riding holidays for girls from 12 to 18 years and also country rides lasting several days in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. Even soon till Poland. We started with the 4 Shagya- Arabian Manjana, Navar, Tarde und Thor. Meanwhile we have 14 horses. And a few foals will come in the next spring. Our Horses are outside in the hole of the year. They have giant meadows to play, relax, find food and natural places for protection of the weather. Thereby our horses are especially well-adjusted and persistent. See it for yourselves! Horse Riding for Kid´s: www.hippo-arabico.de
Yori One of our oldest geldings and also a high ranked horse. He is very friendly with children and super soft to ride. Born on the 27.04.1999 and a purebred Shagya- Arabian. Yori pulls the carriage together with Manjana.
Zigano Our oldest gelding and high motivated. He was a long time a stallion and thereby he espacially takes care of “his“ mares. On the 28.06.1998 he is born at our ground and also a purebred Shagya- Arabian.
El Sbaa She is the leading mare in our herd. A lovely kind and great to ride. El Sbaa is born on the 11.05.2002 and a purebred Shagya- Arabian. She likes jumping and water.
Thor One of our youngest geldings. Born on the 15.04.2010 at our ground and also a purebred Shagya- Arabian. Thor is very nice with children and great to ride. He is a horse with summer itch and therefor he needs a lot of care.
Dascha On of the biggest mares in our herd. She is kindly to everyone and well-behaved. Born on the 14.03.2000. She is ever ridden bitless.
Conny The biggest mare and our single warmblood. On the 01.06.2001 she is born. She is a very soft kind and only likes soft brushes. Comfortable to ride for everyone. She was a great dreassage horse before she arrives by us.
Kenira A very good mare, which is ridden bitless. She is born on the 22.05.2001 and a purebred Shagya- Arabian.
Kokos She arrives from Rumania. On the 26.08.2003 she is born there. Kokos is very sensible and needs understanding and gentle riders. Than she feels very comfortable.
Manjana Our oldest mare in the herd and a leading horse. Sometimes she is also a great diva. She is the favorite horse of our boss. Born on the 21.01.1999 and purebred Shagya- Arabian. Manjana pulls the carriage together with Yori.
Navar A gelding and a great clown. He is very motivated and ever quick on the way. But he is also very kindly in his own way. On the 29.03.2000 he is born and a purebred Shagya- Arabian too.
Marocco One of our youngest geldings and a real clown. He is born on the 30.03.2008 and a purebred Shagya- Arabian. Marocco high motivated and very sensible too.
Rashnu Our youngest gelding and now in education. He is born on the 18.06.2016 and a purebred Shagya- Arabian. Rashnu is very friendly and hopely will be a good school horse.
Energy Our single stallion. On the 04.04.2016 he is born at our ground and grow up here. On the 31.03.2019 he was classified for breeding and now he can tup a ewe of our mares.
Sina Our youngest mare. She is very tender and therefor only appropriate for the lighter riders. Sina is born in 2005.
Experience the adventure and fascination of country riding with us!