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Big forests, hills, valleys, sandy lowlands, impressive inland dunes, clear lakes, hidden moors and historical buildings - you can find all of these in this nature park. The Feldberg Lake Region forms one unit with the brandenburgische nature park Uckermärkische lakes;.

Forest and water are building around 50% of the area! Never ending paths welcome you to undisturbed rides. Here, where the holy halls of the oldest beech grove Germanys alternates with pine forests, big areas of heath and low meadows, are also living sea eagle, ospreys, beaver and otter. Simply a paradise!
A landscape made for riding holidays.

Day 1: Arrival at the riding stable. At dinner you will get to know the other riders and your riding guide.

Day 2: The brandenburgischen pine forests are waiting for us with great riding paths. Between Sidow-lake and Stolp-lake is our way to Santa’s office in Himmelpfort. Meadows and sandy forest paths invite you to a brisk gallop. Pure nature that brings us back to Schwedt-lake. In the evening we are sitting around the campfire and maybe we braai a fresh fish.

Day 3: Our ride leads us through lonely forests to the north where the Thymen-lake is. Through heath and a nature reserve will we reach the Dahmshöhe. Beautiful riding paths will lead us back.

Day 4: We will ride next to the Havel to Steinförde and come back at the Ziern-lake.

Day 5: It goes through forests and meadows, over Neuthymen and the Karolinen-farm, before we circle the Ober-Kastaven-lake and ride back to our comfortable riding stable.

Day 6: After an extensive breakfast we will pass Himmelpfort to Lychen and through the Wurlgrund to Retzow. Forests, Meadows and lakes are alternating on our ride.

Day 7: The next lake is waiting for us: it goes over Altgrewen to the Dabelow-lake. Farther over soft forests paths, we are on our way back home.

Day 8: Department after breakfast. (Variations possible)