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You can explore one of the most beautiful riding regions with this trail ride. Atmospheric forests, open meadows, idyllic lakes, mystic moors, dunes right in the land and much more is what you will see when you go on this trail ride through the nature park of Brandenburg. To make it perfect, you won't have to pack your suitcase every day. You will sleep comfortable at the riding stable and get carried between the position of the horses and our riding stable.

Day 1: Arrival at the riding stable and dinner.

Day 2: Our Shagya-Arabians will bring us on the great sand paths over the Stolpe- and Sidow-lake to Santa's office in Himmelpfort and farther over Bredereiche to a goat cheese dairy. Lunch break is at the Regow-watergate, before it goes through the small Schorf-heath to Annenwalde. Our horses stay here while we are picked up by car back to our ranch, where our dinner awaits.

Day 3: After breakfast we drive to our horses in Annenwalde. Through forest and meadows goes our way to Küstrinchen.

Day 4: Farther it goes through the clear forests on these incredible sand paths to the north to Laeven.

Day 5: Our ride leads us through the Nature Park Feldberg Lake Region.

Day 6: Today our ride goes through Müritz National Park to Goldenbaum.

Day 7: After we crossed Germany's oldest nature reservation we circle the Thym-lake back to the stable. After saying goodbye to our horses we get back for dinner.

Day 8: Departure after breakfast. (Variation possible)